Craig Moser ArtistI’m an artist living & working in Pflugerville, Texas. My fascination with art began at an early age and I’ve worked professionally in the visual arts for 20+ years as an art director, designer and user experience expert. I specialize in abstract paintings and my work has been displayed in exhibits across Central Texas and in private collections.

My work is very experimental. I typically start with a single color or shape in mind and build from there – allowing the work to dictate the direction. I love trying new techniques and strive to make every piece unique and original. I intentionally vary my style and incorporate something new in each piece.

All work on this site is copyright ©Craig Moser and most pieces are available for purchase. If interested in purchasing a piece or learning more, contact info@craigmoserart.com.

20+ interesting facts about Craig:

Love peanut butter (on just about anything)
Have been drawing & painting since I was a small child
I’m a mac
Play the drums
Frequently put things off for later
Married to my best friend
Is a vegan
Obsesses over the tiniest details
Basquiat is one of my favorite painters
Went to college intent on becoming a veterinarian
I’m more technical than I let on
Would rather be sitting on a beach right now
Raced bicycles for a brief period of time
Typos drive me batty (especially on resumes)
Would love to own a motorcycle someday  Rides a 2012 Harley Fat Bob
Find it damn near impossible to keep my office organized
Prefers the color green, except when I paint
Is not a morning person
Believes the world can be made better by art & good design
Love to listen to music when I paint